4th Annual Murder at the Museum is October 20, 2018

August Orlando (Employee, House of Dread)

August Orlando (Employee, House of Dread)

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August Orlando is a tough-as-nails antisocial. Dr. Fox hired this prized employee at the House of Dread after August displayed a perfect photographic memory and extraordinary skills in mathematics. August is a bit violent and fights a constant battle of bad versus good within. Sometimes, August loses the struggle and the alter ego known as The Grim surfaces. August is usually logical except for times when rage and the loathing for humankind get in the way. The other employees at the House of Dread have complained about August practicing smiles in the hall of mirrors. They find it creepy and fear for their lives.

Suggested Attire

Gothic-inspired attire. Optional to bring a ïMr. HydeÍ mask with you for when The Grim comes out.